Loving the Lion

A creative exercise to discover understanding of self.

February 2010

Overland Park, KS - Monday, February 1, 2010 -

This is an exercise where you begin with a quotation, bible verse, saying, or a meaning phrase that you enjoy.

  • Meditate on that for a brief period of time. Let your mind wander and imagine.
  • Some individuals benefit from a photograph or picture that supports the quotation to get the creative juice flowing.
  • Make up a story that surrounds your selected quotation and picture.
  • Write down your story.
  • Look at your writing carefully. Hopefully you learned something about yourself and hopefully discovered and have a better understanding of YOU!

Here is an example I created and want to share with you.

Loving The Lion

So there I stand as the lion is roaring in my face.
I see his wide open mouth and sharp teeth, knowing in my mind he could bring great harm to me.
I feel his hot breath and feel spit spray on my body.
I hear the deafening roar and demonic noise in my ears. The sound is deep within the lion's soul. The sound is long and seems to have no end.

So there I stand afraid and alone. I feel helpless.
To lash back at the lion would only bring more confrontational aggression.
To run would be dangerous as the lion could spring into twice his size and overtake me.

So there I stand and I pray. I remember God's word.
God is perfect love. Nothing can separate me from God's perfect love. God pours his perfect love in my imperfect heart. Accessed I can love anyone through anything.

So there I stand in front of lion and feel the presence of God.
I seek the eyes of the beast and I smile.
I hear my small quiet voice fill the air with the words, "I love you lion.".

Suddenly the lion stops. He looks at me.
That large beast is suddenly not so large as he lays down before me.
With a wink and a blink, the lion is fast asleep.

Exhausted from the battle, I lay down next to the lion.
I no longer feel afraid. I no longer feel alone or helpless.
I drift off to sleep remembering God's word.

I encourage you to open your Bible and explore the following scriptures:
God is perfect love. 1John 4:8
Nothing can separate me from God's perfect love. Romans 8:8
God pours his perfect love in my imperfect heart. Romans 5:5
Accessed I can love anyone through anything. Philippians 4:13

I am renewed and once again I love.

The story is mine and I hope it encourages you to love in all things. The Bible verses of four declarative statements together is credited to Beth Moore Bible Study, Loving Well.

I encourage you to dig deep into your hearts this season.
Love is waiting for you.

What I learned and discovered about myself in this exercise is that fear, helpless, and feeling alone keep me from loving at a deep level. I have understanding and now have freedom to make a change if I want to. My change becomes leaning on my God for strength and courage.

I encourage you to try this. If you would like to share your work, I would be honored to have you e mail your results to Mary@theredtent.org

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