family and children

Family and Children

Mary Morgan's work as a Family and Children Therapist

August 2010

I believe that we gain our values and build our character through our family experiences. We acquire roles, rules and responsibilities by being in the family and modeling what we experience through our senses. Our family is a chance to feel a sense of belonging and a chance to experience the world is a safe place. We develop our self esteem and our ego strength by the messages we receive from our family members. My desire is to strengthen the family as a system and create a healthy, happy, rich family life experience for all members.

As a family we are always in transition and change as we grow. I specialize in helping families transition successfully into each of these stages of life when bumps in the road are hit upon commonly known as issues.

My work with children is helping them to gain a healthy attachment to others. When a child has a healthy attachment they manage family and social relationships successfully. Children make positive and secure transitions when they have healthy attachment. I also help regulate children's behavior and help them to find mental and emotional stability.

When children are balanced emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually they thrive and are successful in all skills of life.

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